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Parent Infant Therapeutic Nursery

The Parent-Infant Therapeutic Nursery (PITN) serves families with children from birth to age 3.  Program participants are deaf or hearing parents with a deaf child, or deaf parents with a hearing child. Through supportive and insight therapy for the parent and play therapy for the child, we seek to facilitate and support the infant's development, build the caregiver's parenting skills and sense of empowerment, and strengthen and enrich the parent-child bond. The therapeutic milieu is sensitive to Deaf Culture and the centrality of sign language, and encourages the working-through of conflicts and questions regarding language and communication in a family with deaf and hearing members. 
A therapist works one-to-one with each family unit in a nursery setting where one or two other family-therapist units may also be present. This allows, in addition to the intensive work within the family-therapist unit, for intervals of interaction between the children for work on socialization, and interaction between the parents for the sharing of parenting experiences. Larger parent groups and larger play groups are further enrichments to our program.